SPM 220 Entire Course
For more course tutorials visit www.shoptutorial.comSPM 220 Week 1 CheckPoint: Moral and Nonmoral Values
SPM 220 Week 2 Assignment: Principles and Exceptions
SPM 220 Week 2 CheckPoint: Moral Principles
SPM 220 Week 3 CheckPoint: Intimidation in Sport
SPM 220 Week 4 Assignment: Kids Speak Out
SPM 220 Week 4 CheckPoint: Violence in Sport
SPM 220 Week 5 CheckPoint: Eligibility and Elimination in Sport
SPM 220 Week 6 Assignment: Exploitation in Sport
SPM 220 Week 6 CheckPoint: Commercialized Sport
SPM 220 Week 7 CheckPoint: Ergogenic Aids in Sport
SPM 220 Week 8 Assignment: Advantages and Disadvantages of Sport Technology
SPM 220 Week 8 CheckPoint: Technology in Sport
*************************************************************************************************************SPM 220 Week 1 CheckPoint Moral and Nonmoral Values
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www.shoptutorial.comSelect one of the three scenarios presented on p. 18 of the text.
Describe the moral values, nonmoral values, and ethical dilemma in your chosen scenario.
Post a 200- to 300-word response to the Assignments Link forum by Week One Day 7 to the following questions:
How you would resolve the dilemma without violating an ethical principle*************************************************************************************************************SPM 220 Week 2 Assignment Principles and Exceptions
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www.shoptutorial.comWrite four moral principles with which you want to or are trying to live your life.
Write an exception to each principle.
Explain your choices.
Address the following: How difficult was this task for you? Explain your answer.
Write four moral principles, along with exceptions, for the character in your final project.
Post your 350- to 400-word responses an attachment in your Assignments Link by Week 2 Day 7….