Jasmine Torres
Professor Rasmussen
SOC 302, Winter
Response Paper
Critical theory is the way it criticize society and how its foundations function. Critical social theory’s goal is to finding the resolution of the problem. When trying to uncover the problems in society, critical theorists look at past and the present in a macro level form (Professor Rasmussen Lecture, 1/20). When trying to determine the current phenomenon, critical theorists focus on three core concepts. The first concept is to identify the norm that is criticized, secondly explain who, what, why and how the social crisis arose and lastly how we can fix the solution. It is important to look for these three core concept to truly uncover the solution of the problem.
Critical theorists believe integration of all social sciences is important to help determine the solution. Versus most social theorist focus their studies on one particular science. Let’s take historians for instance they only focus on uncovering information from the past to truly understand historical times. Another example that could be examined is political scientists. Political scientist focuses their entire attention on the systems and behaviors of political affairs. These two examples of theorist center their focus on one specific study. Yet, critical theorist focus solely to all social sciences. It is an important component to incorporate all social sciences to discover the solution of the phenomenon. When doing so it encourages critical theorist to broaden their horizons to enhance the crisis.
A contemporary phenomenon that our society is enduring today would be an example of graduating school with a student loan debt. The problem here is that many people cannot attain a job or a high enough paying to pay for the monthly bill. Students who are gradutating are in the process looking for a jobloans are creating an impact where people cannot afford to buy a new car or live a decent enough life.
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