Sepsis Market Forecast to 2021 : Opportunity Analyzer
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Sepsis patients suffer from a series of diverse complications arising from the presence of pathogens and/or their toxins in the blood or tissues, which cause a rapidly progressing hyperactive host immune response and cellular dysfunction leading to mortality rates near 50% depending on disease severity. The syndrome places a major burden on the national healthcare systems of the global marketplace, which for the purposes of this report is comprised of the US, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK. There are currently no marketed drugs to treat sepsis and current treatment options are limited to careful monitoring, pathogen-targeting therapies, and supportive care and symptom management.
 For the purposes of this sepsis market  report, GlobalData defines the sepsis market to include sales of sepsis-specific, host-directed products in patients 18 years and older. Therefore a detailed analysis and sales projections for antibiotics is beyond the Scope of this report. The projection of annual sales for medical devices is also beyond the Scope of this report, however anticipated launch dates and patient uptake estimates for these products is included in the sepsis market forecast. GlobalData expects the market to experience modest growth that is primarily driven by the increased uptake of novel therapies – led by Asahi Kasei Pharma America Corporation’s ART-123 – in select patients as the critical care community regains confidence in sepsis-specific products and as more data is generated on their overall efficacy and safety. Primary research revealed that skepticism, cynicism, and cautious optimism towards sepsis pipeline products is related to recent high profile failures of products in clinical development.
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