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www.uoptutorial.comSEI 500 Week 1 Individual Assignment Chapter One Summary
SEI 500 Week 2 Team Assignment First Draft of Instructional Unit
SEI 500 Week 3 Individual Assignment SIOP Lesson Planning Sheet
SEI 500 Week 4 Team Assignment Continuum of Strategies Paper
SEI 500 Week 4 Team Assignment Revised Unit
SEI 500 Week 5 Individual Assignment Final SIOP Lesson Plan
SEI 500 Week 5 Individual Assignment Vocabulary Game
SEI 500 Week 6 Team Assignment Final Instructional Unit
SEI 500 Week 6 Team Assignment Unit Plan Presentation——————————————————–SEI 500 WEEK 1 INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT CHAPTER ONE SUMMARYFor more course tutorials visit
www.uoptutorial.comWrite a 350-word summary of Ch. 1 of Making Content Comprehensible for English Learners.
Discuss the implications of the chapter’s content for the classroom setting. The paper should be in APA format.

Attached is the rubric I will use to grade your Chapter One Summary. ————————————————————SEI 500 WEEK 2 TEAM ASSIGNMENT FIRST DRAFT OF INSTRUCTIONAL UNITFor more course tutorials visit
www.uoptutorial.comThis week’s team assignment, the Unit Plan Proposal, is merely a proposal. This project will evolve over the next few weeks, and I do not expect what you turn in this week to go into great detail. The checklist that is attached is what I will use as I grade it. Each section should be addressed, but it is a draft in progress at this point in time. Remember that it is just a proposal at this point and is only worth 5 points. Also, please note, that this assignment cannot be divided up among learning team members by the headings below. Everyone must come up with the content objectives, language objectives, standards, key vocabulary, and materials for their lesson and then compile it into one larger proposal. Your proposal must include…