1. Project Description:

The module lecturer shall select a local company. (TESCO)You will also need to research the company’s current and historical business and Information Technology (IT) developments in journals, magazines and websites. You will certainly need to go far beyond your lecture and tutorial notes to carry out this assignment effectively. You should state clearly any assumptions, give references for any information sources you use, justifying any assumptions and recommendations you make. Your assignment is to produce a research report aimed at a mixed readership, in terms of level of technical and managerial knowledge including the following sections:1. As a group (a) Company’s Strategyi). Provide a brief description of the company’s background and its current business plan including its location, sourcing and distribution strategies.
ii). Analysis of the current Information Systems architecture and describe how it may have contributed to the organisations business strategy.
iii). Provide an analysis and critical report on the company’s above current business and IT strategies.This section will consist of a maximum 1500 words. This section addresses Learning Outcomes 1, 2 and 3.2. As an individual:(b) Environmental AnalysisBuilding on the work done in Section (a):i). Carry out an environment and industry analysis for their product or services using any business tools of your choice. Clearly show the threats facing the company and the opportunities that it may be able to exploit in the future. ii). Recommend changes, developments and additions to the company’s business strategy that could result from your above analysis.iii). Produce an outline design for the company’s future Information Systems Strategy including the software requirements, hardware requirements and Disaster Recovery Plan based on your above business strategy.This section will consist of approximately 2,000…