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Tutorial Purchased: 3 Times, Rating: AIdentify your present level of self confidence. Out of the twelve techniques on p. 86-87 of the course text that are designed to increase self confidence, select at least six and describe how they can help you strengthen your own self-confidence. Does self confidence affect job performance? Why or why not? How are inter-office relationships affected by differing levels of self-confidence
_____________________________________________________ASHFORD PSY 302 Week 2 Assignment Motivational Theories and Factors
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As we contemplate what motivates employees in the workplace, we include in this topic motivational affects of stress and conflict in the workplace. In a one-to-two page paper compare and contrast three motivational theories including the relationship of stress and conflict in relation to individual motivations. When you are involved in a stressful situation at work, what effective techniques do you use? What effective techniques could you use in the future
ASHFORD PSY 302 Week 3 Assignment Personality and Communication Styles in the Workplace
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in the role of a consultant, create a report about one person and his or her interactions in the workplace. This person is really you but you will be writing about yourself under a pseudonym. Describe your personality and communication style in the workplace in the third person grammar. Use a fictitious name for yourself. Include examples of your interactions with at least three people who have different personality and/or communication styles as you….