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Week 1

OI 361 Week 1 Individual Assignment Definitions PaperInnovation, Design, and Creativity
One of the never ending goals in business is to find the next “big thing”. For a company to successfully launch the next “big thing” it must be able to engender creativity, support innovation, and engage in important design work. This is not easy because all of these things, creativity, innovation, and design mean that change must be embraced and most people and organizations do not look forward to change (Sherman, 2010). Change is the essence of innovation, creativity, and design because all three begin with the premise that something can be done better or more easily and to do anything better or more easily necessarily involves introducing a form of change to a process, product, or service. Because all of these things involve change, however, does not mean that they are the same thing. Indeed, innovation, creativity, and design are all very different things.
Week 1 DQ1
Week 1 DQ1
What are innovation, design, and creativity? How do you distinguish between innovation, design, and creativity? How have you seen innovation, design, and creativity applied in your organization? Explain your answerWeek 1 DQ2What are the benefits of innovation, design, and creativity in meeting or improving organizational objectives? What would be the challenges of using innovative thinking in an organization? What is an example of how your organization has benefited from an innovation? If not, what type of innovation would you suggest? Explain.
Week 1 DQ 3Explain the difference between creativity and innovation. Using either the BBC or…