MGT 418 ENTIRE COURSEFor more course tutorials visit
www.uoptutorial.comMGT 418 Week 1 Individual Assignment – Business Ideas and Self-Evaluation
MGT 418 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment: Evaluating Trends and Opportunities
MGT 418 Week 3 Individual Assignment: Non Franchised Small Business Analysis
MGT 418 Week 4 Learning Team Assignment: Franchise Analysis
MGT 418 Week 5 Individual Assignment: Entrepreneurial Advisor——————————————————————————————————-MGT 418 WEEK 1 INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT – BUSINESS IDEAS AND SELF-EVALUATIONFor more course tutorials visit
www.uoptutorial.comLocate the Self-Assessment Inventories from Organizational Behavior in your Materials section. Choose and complete three self-assessments from the following list to determine your personal strengths and weaknesses:o Assessment number 3: Turbulence Tolerance Test
o Assessment number 4: Global Readiness Index
o Assessment number 5: Personal Values
o Assessment number 12: “TT” Leadership Style
o Assessment number 13: Empowering Others
o Assessment number 16: Your Intuitive Ability
o Assessment number 19: Your Personality Type
o Assessment number 20: Time Management Profile
* Resource: Organizational Behavior—————————————————————————————————MGT 418 WEEK 3 INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT: NON FRANCHISED SMALL BUSINESS ANALYSISFor more course tutorials visit
www.uoptutorial.comelect one of the following businesses to research on the Web:o Mel’s Country Cafe, Tomball, Texas
o Hope Blooms Flowers and Things, Eagle, Idaho
o Gentlemen’s Top Option, Burlington, Vermont• Write a 750 – to 1,050 – word paper in which you analyze the business as if you were considering its purchase. Explain your reasoning for each of these sections:o Evaluate the business model of the selected business….