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MGT 411 Week 5 Innovative Thinking in a Business Theory-Based Strategic Experiment Powerpoint Presentation***************************************************************************************************************************************MGT 411 Week 5 Innovative Thinking in a Business Theory-Based Strategic Experiment Powerpoint Presentation
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Present two innovative ways to solve the problem.•Create a 7- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, with detailed slide notes, on your strategic experiment. Incorporate the following into your presentation:
Address the following six changes involved with theory-based planning in your process and presentation:
Level of detail: Focus on the most critical market, technology, and unknown costs.
Communication of expectations: Base your predictions on theory and include a description of the theory used to generate your predictions.
Nature of predictions: Predict the trends, rather than the specific numbers.
Frequency of strategic reviews: Set a strategic review schedule.
Perspective in time: Consider the history of the organization when devising the experiment. Focus on long-term history, rather than just recent changes in the organization. Use information available through the virtual organization to gain insight on the historical background of the organization. Some examples of helpful documentation are a strategic…