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MGT 360 Week 1 Individual Assignment: Biosphere Worksheet
MGT 360 Week 2 Individual Assignment: Shareholders and Stakeholders Presentation
MGT 360 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment: Current Business Practices Audit
MGT 360 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment: Implementing EMS Recommendations
MGT 360 Week 5 Individual Assignment: Personality Profile********************************************************************************************************************************MGT 360 Week 1 Individual Assignment Biosphere WorksheetFor more course tutorials visit
Resources: Biosphere Worksheet found on your student Web site.
Complete the Biosphere Worksheet********************************************************************************************************************************
MGT 360 Week 2 Individual Assignment Shareholders and Stakeholders PresentationFor more course tutorials visit
Create a Powerpoint presentation in which you demonstrate how different stakeholders are affected by business decisions and practices.
Select one of the following types of industries: a pharmaceutical manufacturer, an organic yogurt producer, a carpet cleaning company, or a city aquarium. Identify a representative example of a real business among one of these industries and provide a brief summary of this business’s products, services, and practices.
Identify four types of stakeholders for your chosen business. Describe how each stakeholder is involved in or affected by the business and specify their concerns with the business’s standard practices.********************************************************************************************************************************
MGT 360 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Current Business Practices AuditFor more course tutorials visit
Resources: Business Sustainability Assessment…