Correlation as a Measure of Association Summary
Jacqueline Tillery
April 26, 2015
Correlation as a Measure of Association Summary
Correlation as a measure of association involves testing relationships between two variables. The main point for the test will be based on the strengths of the association and the direction. According to the article by Leedy and Ormrod, (2010) “A correlation exist if, when one variable increase, another variable either increases or decrease in a somewhat predictable fashion”. The similarities and differences of the results will help determine the test using correlation as a measure of association summary.
There are different methods of establishing correlation between variables. It all depends on what method a researcher is trying to use. An example of a correlation would be between 10 job seekers that are applying for the same position at the same location, but half have little to no work experience. The research will be based on the 10 job seekers applying for the same job position, and finding out which one will be accepted. Will it be the applicants that have work experience because they have more experience or the little to no experience applicants because they thrive to learn new things. Making research to find characteristics and what sets them apart is easy to do and can help better understand the research methods. A survey is also a great method to be used for correlation. Conducting a survey with a group of kids who suffered abuse, how many of the kids parents suffered abuse as they were young themselves. Could the factor that they were abused themselves play a role on why they abuse their children. Finding out if the abuse of the parents relates to why they abuse their children would be the topic for the survey.
The different methods of establishing between variables can be done in many various ways such as: scatter plots, using surveys, face to face interviews, and online surveys….