Independent Article
In the article the independent, Am I glad that the doctor save my life? No I’m not. A man named Tony Nicklison a father of two, once led an active life. But now he is fighting for the right to die. While he was on holiday six years ago in Athens, he suffered from a stroke. He is now trapped within his own body, since the stroke has left him paralysed from the neck down. He suffers from locked- in syndrome. He is now unable to do anything without someone’s help. He can only communicate through blinking due to his condition, he cannot do various things such as eat by him, or even scratch if he feels an itch. He feels as though he has no privacy or dignity left .He wants to die, but since he is unable to kill himself, he wants a doctor to be able to end his life without being prosecuted for murder.
Even though he may have locked-in-syndrome, your brain works perfectly but you can only move your eyes. You can have a quality if life with this syndrome because you can still communicate with people, with your eyes. It would feel horrible, because you wouldn’t even be able to speak. The syndrome has implications because you would always need care, and you would have no privacy and you would have to be dependent on other people. So the independence Tony would of once had would be gone, in the article he said how he cannot scratch if he itch’s, he can’t pick his nose if it is blocked and has to be fed, which makes him feel like a baby. He feels as though he has no privacy or dignity left.
Euthanasia is legal in clinics in Switzerland; people can go there to die. But I don’t think that is right it is rather inhumane. Because once you’re dead you cannot come back to life. That should not be an option in the United Kingdom, because many people would kill themselves for ridiculous reasons. People can suffer from depression and want to kill themselves, so that shouldn’t be an option. That could encourage people to go abroad…