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• Review the sample Web site: Un-Real Nature: Digital Art by Julie Hayward at
• Locate five photos meeting the following criteria, using five digital photography Web
sites. No two photos may come from the same Web site. Find the following:
o One black and white photo of a large building
o One black and white landscape
o One color abstract image
o One color photo of a person or family
Course Syllabus
IT/235 Version 3
o One color animal photo
• Read the instructions in Appendix C for linking directly to an image.
• Write a 350- to 700-word paper describing your search process and identifying your
photos. Include the URL for each of the photos used and remember to use only noncopyrighted
images. Describe which Web site you found most artistic. If you were a
professional graphic or Web designer, how might the artistic renderings on this sight
be used if you were developing a brochure or marketing materials? Would it work
well in a professional environment? Explain why or why not. How do you know
whether an image is copyrighted? What are some dangers of using copyrighted
images• Name your assignment W2 Digital Artistic Photos.
• Post the completed assignment as an attachment.*****************************************************************************************************************************IT 235 Complete Course Material
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