IT 206 Week 1 CheckPoint Formatting IssuesFor more course tutorials visit• Consolidate all the sections of the Currency Conversion development documentation: menu selection, requirements, design, and testing.
• Incorporate any changes recommended by the instructor.
• Post the assignment as an attachment.
IT 206 week 2 Assignment Microsoft Word Exercise
For more course tutorials visit
www.uoptutorial.com1. Assignment: MS Word Exercise – Due Day 7Part I• Complete the following tasks by using the Microsoft® Word document provided within Course Materials:o Change the document body to left alignment.
o Correct any header and footer misspellings.
o Set margins at 1 inch.
o Wrap text around graphics.
o Insert page numbers within the header.
o Replace the existing date with the auto date function.
o Set the hanging indention for all paragraphs at .25 inch.
o Create a comment for the introductory paragraph.
o Change bullet point styles.
o Create a table of contents using the Table of Contents feature. Part II• Read the following scenarios:You are working at a support desk for a company providing onsite and telephone support to customers with Microsoft® Word questions. On this particular day, you are presented with the following three situations: Situation 1: A student, planning to attend a local college in the fall, has been told to purchase word processing software for an English class. He is currently looking to buy Microsoft® Word, but he wants to know the major functions of this software. Situation 2: A woman, who owns her own business, calls the support desk looking to create a Microsoft® Word template for mail sent to customers. She wants each letter to look similar; she is also tired of cutting and pasting her company logo and contact information into each letter. Situation 3: An employee…