TMA 2 Q&AJust to be clear, the guidance notes say you should complete the mapping of the case that was started in TMA01 so can I just use TMA01 and expand from it or do I have to write a fresh summary? Then a SWOT table and then paragraphs analysing the business and giving recommendations
Thank you for your question. I’m afraid that you will have to write a new text! This is because TMA 2 task requires you to write an analysis and not a summary. When you wrote TMA1, you identified the key information about the business; now you need to revisit the text and identify the information related to strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. You then need to write a paragraph about each of these areas and finally write a set of recommendations.Of course, your analysis will include a great deal of information you have already used, but you should analyse rather than summarise it.I have started TMA02 with a mind map. Can I include this with my SWOT table? etc. Also can I generalise and add factors influenced by external STEEP factors
The task requires you to use the SWOT model. This gives you a chance to analyse the internal (strengths and weaknesses) as well as the external environment (opportunities and threats). You are not required to use the STEEP model, so don’t include this analysis.Use your mind map when making notes and planning your texts, but don’t include it in your assignment. Follow the instructions and the guidance notes and only include the SWOT table, the analysis and the recommendations.