Summary of : Health ministry tackles chikungunya as two new cases confirmed
Ministry activates chikungunya response
The chickungunya virus is a mosquito borne illness and two cases of such virus was detected in Jamaica and on August 8, 2014 Dr. Fenton Ferguson was interviewed so that his plans of combating this new issue were revealed. The minister and his teams’ first response to the reported outbreak of the Chickungunya virus was the implementation of vector control activities every three days (over a period of three weeks) in areas where the virus was reported. From these communities he also acquired samples so that he could have his team take them to labs so that the country was better able to understand and fight against the new issue facing the country. In parishes and regions where the cases were more prevalent the minister ensured that there were heightened surveillance and vector control measures. When it was reported and confirmed that individuals in the country were suffering from the virus the Ministry of Health activated its Emergency Operations Centre (EOC). The centre provides national leadership to the response including the vector control programme and management and oversight from the ministry for activities that are being undertaken island wide. In addition to that the ministry ensured that there were education sessions and distribution of materials to assist and try to alleviate the disease in the affected communities. The public was educated on the issue and its effects and causes so that contraction of the virus was minimized especially to children. He implored individuals to take the necessary precautions for the best safety of themselves and the country at large.