Nom: Ouma
Prenom: Brandon
Age: 15 ans
Anniversaire: 18th Septembre
Natinalite: Keyan
Ville: Nairobi
Famille: Une souer(16 ans) Un frere(15 ans)
Adore: J’adore la musique
Deteste: La biere
Sports pratiques: Le football et Le rugby
Couleurs preferees: Le rouge
Reve: Devenir richeOne of the best sports cars ever to be made is known as the Bugatti Veyron. It is actually the fastest sports, road legal vehicle in the entire world. It has an unbelievable speed of 408.00 km/h. It was actually designed by a German Volkswagen 2006 VeyronGroup, but produced in France. It is named after a French car racer. This is just not any ordinary car that you will see many people driving around in. In fact, you may never get the chance to see anyone near you driving this car. It has a very classy and distinct look to it.This sports car is going for $2,400,0000. It is the most expensive street car the is legal that is available on the market today. It can reach 0-60 in just 2.5 seconds.It is known to be the fastest street legal car as well when it was just recently tested in July of 2010. The highest speed for this vehicle is 267 mph. This is just one of those cars that are rarely available. It is whatever you want to call it, sleek, sassy, unique, and even dangerous. It is really that bad. People who are actually millionaires will probably be the only people that will get the chance to own a sports car such as the Bugatto Veyron. It is a 16 cylinder engine, and that is something that most people are not used to hearing when it comes to engine size. It also has a total of 1200 HP. It comes with 4 enlarged turbochargers. This vehicle has already been in production since Fall of 2005. The first 5 that are set to be sold will be sold as world limited editions. This is if they haven’t been sold already. Chris Harris, actually had the pleasure to get behind the wheel and get the feel of the Bugatti Veyron. He is from a British magazine, named Evo. This is not a…