Kite Runner
Acceptance and love are two things that everyone wants to feel. In the Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, Amir is so desperate to be loved by his father that he is willing to do anything for it – including hurting others and even himself because he cannot forgive himself for what he has done. In trying to be loved by his father Hassan has thrown Amir under the bus, he has gotten rid of Hassan, and lives with guilt all his life.
1- Amir sacrifices Hassan for Amir’s needs
Amir lies to everyone
2- he cannot tolerate seeing Hassan and being reminded of his guilt. He further throws Hassan under the bus in order to help tolerate his guilt. But it only makes it worse.
3- Living with guilt causes him to not make friends to not be honest with his wife, to keep secret
Hassan is always yearning to be loved by his father [why you think he doesn’t’ believe he is]. Amir is so desperate that he allows his friend Hassan to be violated in order so he could get the flag. Amir feels guilty but does not do anything about it. Hassan is not like his father in many ways but one way was that Baba speaks up for what he believed is right, while Hassan is quiet. Hassan has a different personality to his father. Hassan’s father, Baba, speaks his mind and is not afraid of what others think. Hassan on the other hand is much more reserved; he does not want to do what he believes because his father does not approve it.
Hassan is not able to live with the guilt he has. Hassan is constantly reminded of what he didn’t do to help Amir. Every time Hassan sees Amir is reminded of what happened. While Hassan tries to get rid of Amir it does not work. Amir is all around Hassan everywhere he goes. Hassan is dealing with this guild his entire life. He tries everything in his power to get rid of his guilt but it is useless. Hassan works for his entire life to get rid of his guilt. When Hassan goes to get Sohrab he owes this to Amir. Hassan is finally going to be able to get rid of…