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EDL 510 Week 1 Individual Assignment Listof Implications for the FutureEDL 510 Week 1 DQ 1EDL 510 Week 1 DQ 2EDL 510 Week 2 Assignment Preparing 21stCentury Learners Survey and AnalysisEDL 510 Week 1 DQ 2
EDL510 Week 1 Individual Assignment List of Implications for the FutureFor more course tutorials visituophelp.com
View the following videos:
• “State of the Village Report” fromMiniature-earth.com.
• “Mothers Discuss Their Kids’ Digital Lives”from Edutopia.org.
• “Educating the Digital Generation” fromEdutopia.org.
Create one of the following options based on thevideos, highlighting the implications for the future of
EDL510 Week 2 Assignment Preparing 21st Century Learners Survey and AnalysisFor more course tutorials visituophelp.com
Review the instructions for the Preparing 21stCentury Learners Survey and Analysis Individual Assignment due in Week Five.
Create a survey using an online survey tool, suchas Survey Monkey, Zoomerang, or another online survey tool of your choice. Theaudience will be fellow colleagues, which in this case is your fellow LearningTeam members.
EDL510 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment International Education PresentationFor more course tutorials visituophelp.comSelect one country other than the United Statesyou are interested in.
Research the educational system in your team’schosen country using the University Library and the Internet.
Synthesize the team’s articles and present theteam’s findings to the class in an engaging manner by creating a multimediapresentation, game, graphic organizer, or other product of your choice. Thisassignment must follow the APA format
EDL510 Week 3 Individual Assignment Comparative Education PaperFor more course tutorials visituophelp.comFor this assignment, you will choose from thefollowing options:
• Option 1: Peer Presentation