CRJ-422 Entire Course Criminal Justice Capstone 422 Week 1 Discussion Question DQ 1 Criminal Justice Issues
Beyond the topic that you have chosen for your capstone project, what do you think is the most pressing criminal justice issue that the United States faces today and why? What solutions can you create to more effectively deal with the issue that you have chosenCRJ 422 Week 1 Discussion Question DQ 2 Capstone Project Prep
Capstone Project Prep. Provide your thesis statement and the resolution for the issue that you have chosen to address for the Final Capstone Project. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts by Day 7
CRJ 422 Week 2 Discussion Question DQ 1 Capstone Project Outline
Provide an outline highlighting the major points of your capstone project for review and discussion among your classmates and instructor. Review the presentations of your classmates and provide helpful feedback, organizational ideas and appropriate sources to assist in the preparation of the capstone project.
CRJ 422 Week 2 Discussion Question DQ 2 Media and Criminal Justice
Is the media in the United States an ally or an enemy to the criminal justice system? Support your response with practical examples from the media.
CRJ 422 Week 3 Discussion Question DQ 1 Promoting Fairness
Detail the steps that criminal justice agencies must take to promote notions of “equal justice” and fairness in the 21st Century.
CRJ 422 Week 3 Discussion Question DQ 2 Criminal Justice Tools
Provide at least three management tools or strategies for effective police management in the future. How has technology changed the ways in which police agencies and other law enforcement agencies operateCRJ 422 Week 3 nnOutline Part 1
CRJ 422 Week 3 Outline Part 2
CRJ 422 Week 4 Discussion Question DQ 1 Death Penalty
Do you anticipate that the death penalty’s use will increase or decrease over the…