Writing a Lab Report
You lab report should have the following parts:
1. Title page
2. Introduction:
Give a brief description of the purpose of the experiment. The authors have outlined this nicely in the objectives section. This doesn’t have to be particularly long. This section just states what you are going to learn or demonstrate through the lab.
3. Purpose/hypothesis: This is your discussion and review section. For lab 1, you just need to briefly summarize the principles and equations being used. For lab one, I believe that the length, measurement, and volumes are probably known to you and are review. However, the density and concentration are new. In this section you will want to place the definitions of volume, density, and concentration (and include how each is calculated).
4. Procedures: This is the easiest part and you just briefly summarize what you physically did in each experiment. This doesn’t need to be tedious, just state what equipment you used and the chemicals/objects that you used. (For example, in the temperature section, you used a Celsius thermometer to measure the temperature of boiling, cold, and iced water. A calculator was used to concert the Celsius measurements to their equivalent Fahrenheit and Kelvin equivalents.)
5. Results/Analysis: Just complete and paste in the charts and calculations section.
6. Conclusions: This is the most important section. Explain what you personally learned. Include what you thought was difficult, what you wished you would have done different, and if there was anything you were surprised by. Let me know how long it took you to complete the actual lab, excluding the report.