Assignment week VI
Aakriti Raswant
American College of Commerce and Technology
BUS: 530-Busiess Technology and Research
Dr. Pudasaini
05/27/2015Table of contents
Question and answer chapter 10
Question and Answer chapter 11
71) Distinguish among response error, interviewer error, and non response error.
Response error occurs when the recorded data differ from the true data; such errors can come from the participant in the editing, coding, or data entry stages. Interviewer error occurs when the interviewer in some fashion corrupts the data. This can occur as a result of inconsistent treatment of participants or questionnaires, ineffective participant motivation and cooperation created by the interviewer, social differences between participant and interviewer, and cheating. Nonresponse error occurs when the researcher had difficulty in securing interviews from participants who have been selected into the sample, and the non-participants differ from the participants in a systematic way.
2.How do environmental factors affect response rates in personal interviews? How can we overcome these environmental problems
environmental factors can bias responses by creating systematrically inaccurate responses because participants have not been appropriately trained or not motivated or because environmental factors lead to an unsuitable interpersonal setting. these factors can be eliminated by ensuring that the proper people are in place to conduct and oversee the interview and also by prescreening participants to ensure they are capable and qualified to answer questions presented in the interview =. when you have properly trained interviewers then they will ensure that the environment is suitable to meet the needs at hand.
3) Assume you are…