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(E) 1. Generally speaking, the lowest level in the WBS is referred to as:
A. Level 3
B. Level 4
C. Level 5
D. The work package

(E) 2. Scope creep is generally the result of:
A. Having too many levels in the WBS
B. Poorly defined SOW
C. Too much detail in the specifications
D. Having the wrong people assigned to the project

(M) 3. Which of the following is not a benefit of having a highly detailed work breakdown structure A. Lower status reporting costs
B. Less likely that anything will be omitted
C. Better estimating
D. Better activity tracking

(M) 4. All work packages in a project must be at the same level of the WBS
A. True
B. False

(M) 5. Generally speaking, work packages are assigned to one functional unit.
A. True
B. False

(H) 6. If the customer’s SOW contains words such as nearly or approximately, then:
A. The project manager uses his discretion in determining the meaning
B. The sponsor uses his discretion in determining the meaning
C. The customer uses his discretion in determining the meaning
D. Scope creep is unlikely

(M) 7. Which of the following documents is not defined in the text as one of the four critical documents for preliminary planningA. SOW
C. Specifications
D. Network Diagrams

(H) 8. Project managers often rewrite the customer’s SOW into a document that the project team can easily understand. The document is called:
A. The redefined SOW
B. The scope statement
C. The deliverable statement
D. The finalized SOW statement

(E) 9….