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It is the final paper of this course which is based on the summative assessment of all previous works those were done in this course previously with the most influential aspects. It consists of my assumed role in the fast growing, large and non-union manufacturing organization. This organization has been observed many systematic labor violations those has been observed by me in the workplace. At the same time the company is fast growing and serves its customers not in the country only while to serve their plants in China and France too.
There are lots of complaints has been occurring on a daily basis within the organization related to the work environment and wages particularly. At the same time a group of some workers needs to take steps towards the management for their rights. Those people want to organize and eliminate all issues those has been faced by the workers for many years. Now this organization is required a union to fight with these issues. Only the union can help to reduce these issues. There are some major aspects that can play the effective role to resolve these issues of workers within the organization (Seaquist, 2015).
Union Organization Process:
It is necessary to describe the union organizing process that will deal with this issue appropriately and required for the solution. In fact, it is the private sector in the United States. It is based on workers decision to take the union help for the advent of a new union coalition. Firstly the union need to limit their time and receive the Free HR report of the organization. This report can be gathered easily from the organized workers. This report is the first step of the Union process and will be very useful in this entire operation. It is the most comprehensive report that covers the employees’ biases, glossary of helpful terms, workers checklist and necessary to manage the process. At the…