Love at First Sight: Mason
It was two in the morning on a Friday when I was awoken by an intense pain of contractions. I was lost on what to do with myself at that point. All I could think about was that my baby boy was coming. It was as quiet as a mouse! Everyone was asleep and waking them up was not my first thought, I did not want to cause a false alarm. I walked into the dark hallway and into the bathroom. I turned the light on to fill the bath with hot water to lie in to see if that would decrease the persisting pain. The quick moment of relief I got with the steaming hot water against my skin. As soon as I got out and went to lie back down I was up again. The pain came back, that is when I decided that I was going to wake my son’s father. Benjamin, my son’s father, quickly awakened his mother Carmen. By then we were getting ready and then headed out to the hospital. I thought to myself “this is it, he is coming!”
As we arrived to the hospital I immediately checked in and was brought to a room. I had to undress myself and I had goosebumps from the coldness of the room. Then the nurse came in and put me on the monitor to track my contractions. As I laid there the beautiful and peaceful sound of his heartbeat calmed me down. The nurse kept telling me that the contractions were not close enough and I wasn’t dilated. I was there about three hours before they discharged me.
The strangest thing was that this happened on the Friday that I had a checkup appointment at two thirty. The doctor advised me to stay home from school and relax until my appointment. My ankles were extremely swollen, so resting was probably the best thing. I lied on the couch pretty much all day watching TV. I was so uncomfortable and the pain was coming much more frequently. My belly was solid and would tighten up from time to time. I was much more relaxed dealing with the discomfort as the time approached for my appointment. After I got ready, we headed out.
I checked in with the…