Education and/or Training Required
High School diploma
Medical courses in college
Bachelors degree
4-5 years training in anatomic pathology
Board certification of passing exam
Responsibilities/ Daily Activities
Performing autopsies
Collecting medical evidence
Studying medical history of victim
Salary Range
$105,000-$500,000 annually
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I personally would not want to pursue this as a career. Many years of school go into being a Medical Examiner. I would feel a lot of stress with this being my daily job. I work terribly under stress.TOXICOLIGIST
Education and/or Training Required
Bachelors degree in chemistry
Bachelor in pharmacology
Or a bachelor in another scientific field
Responsibilities/Daily Activities
Testing for foreign substances
Identifying drugs and poisons in the bodies of victims
Salary Range
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I believe being a toxicologist would be an interesting career. To have knowledge on poisons would be a cool thing to learn. This would be not only unique, but exciting as well.MORGUE ASSISSTANT
Education and/or Training Required
Bachelors or masters degree in science or medical
Responsibilities/Daily Activities
Help examination
Help prepare specimen
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