ACC 545 Week 1 Individual Assignment CPA ReportFor more course tutorials visit
www.uophelp.comAs the CPA for a large organization, you were asked by your manager to provide information to outside CPAs who are examining a subsidiary that has been set up as a corporation. As part of their review, the CPAs have asked you to provide them with the following explanations:

• The methodology used to determine deferred taxes
• The procedures for reporting accounting changes and error corrections
• The rationale behind establishing the subsidiary as a corporation

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www.uophelp.comACC 545 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Los Lobos Ledger Preparation*************************************************************************************************************************************ACC 545 Week 3 Individual Assignment Jamona Corp. ScenarioFor more course tutorials visit• Review the following information:
1. On January 1, 2006, Jamona Corp. purchased 12% bonds, having a maturity value of $300,000, for $322,744.44. The bonds provide the bondholders with a 10% yield. They are dated January 1, 2006, and mature January 1, 2011, with interest receivable December 31 of each year. The company uses the effective-interest method to allocate unamortized discount or premium. The bonds are classified as available-for-sale. The fair value of the bonds at December 31 of each year is as follows:

• 2006 – $320,500
• 2007 – $309,000
• 2008 – $308,000
• 2009 – $310,000*************************************************************************************************************************************ACC 545 Week 4 Individual Assignment Restructuring DebtFor more course tutorials visit…