Research Paper (Final)
A Career as a Police Officer
Presented to:
Ms. Hall’s 4th period
Jose Rosa

Research Paper Outline
a) Education
b) Training
c) Qualification
a) Earnings
b) Medical and life insurance
c) Special allowances
Work Environment
a) Dangerous and Stressful
b) Hours
c) Influence
Job Outlook
Employment changes
Budget cutsWith crime levels at an alarming rate, police officers patrol the streets to protect citizens and control crime rate in our society.“Stop in the name of the law!” That’s one of the most famous lines spoken by a police officer. Police officers protect others and uphold the law on the streets. With crime rates at an alarming rate, police officers patrol the streets to protect citizens and control crime rates in our society. With departments across the nation, these brave men and women serve and protect under law. A career as a police officer involves hard work, training and many more qualities to become an officer in law enforcement.
Every job has requirements and with a job as an officer of law enforcement it is no different. Education benefits the chance to become an officer of the law. Applicants usually must have at least had a high school diploma. Nowadays with today’s hardships, education plays a great role in employment. Employers (especially in police agencies) check if you have any degrees or high school diploma to become an applicant for the police department. Some departments even require one or two years of college work or even a college degree. (Occupational Handbook) A foreign language also is an asset of becoming a police officer for communication of another race or ethnicity. It would be wise to learn other languages before processing an application to a police department or academy. Some courses or training related to law enforcement improves your knowledge of the law and any other means of enforcement to benefit your…